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Everyday items, such as hand sanitizer, urine, champagne, fried potatoes, napkins and a slew of other substances have become hazards that are being blamed for numerous slip and fall accident injuries and the basis for various lawsuits being filed in Hillsborough and Pinellas County courts.

This recent string of lawsuits claims owner negligence in places ranging from an Outback Steakhouse restaurant and Target store to a museum and skateboard park.
Some of the recent cases include:

• A woman who says she slipped on hand sanitizer and fell while visiting the Glazer Children’s Museum. Her claim states that she “neither saw the hand sanitizer nor any cautionary signs before she fell.”
• A Tampa Walmart shopper claims she slipped and fell on a “fried potato” near the cash register. Her lawsuit alleges she sustained permanent injuries and a reduced ability to lead a normal life or earn money.
• A man celebrating his 76th birthday with his family at an Outback Steakhouse in Plant City says he was sitting at the bar when he reached for his drink and his bar stool slipped on a floor allegedly covered with grease. He ended up falling backward, breaking his neck. He died just two weeks later.
• A woman shopping at a Target in Brandon claims she slipped on what she thought was urine and fell. She claims she suffered hospitalization, medical expenses and a loss of earnings.
• A man skateboarding at SkatePark of Tampa says an employee at the facility began spraying champagne causing him to slip and fall and suffer serious injuries.
• A man dining at Acropolis in Riverview says the staff at the restaurant began dancing and “negligently and dangerously” tossing napkins into the air, as is customary at all of the Greek restaurant chain’s locations. The man claims he slipped on a stray napkin and suffered “severe” injuries, including a fractured kneecap that required two surgeries.

wet floor sign betch.jpgInjuries resulting from a slip and fall or trip and fall accident are common occurrences that result in thousands of claims being made every year. Many victims of these accidents suffer severe, life-changing injuries that can even lead to wrongful death. Wet floors, misplaced objects and food items as well as obstructed walkways can have catastrophic results. It is important to understand your rights and know what to do if you are involved in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Immediately following an accident, it is best to consult a Tampa Bay Slip, Trip & Fall Lawyer at Whittel & Melton to determine whether you are entitled to recover damages for the negligence of a property or business owner.

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Three people were injured this weekend after a staircase on the side of a home collapsed while they were standing on it.

Two adults and a child were standing on the metal staircase that rose two stories on Saturday, when it collapsed after the legs supporting it gave out.

The three were transported to a local hospital. According to officials, no one suffered serious injuries.

The cause of the collapse is still under investigation at this time.

While most of us use stairs on a daily or regular basis, we rarely consider the dangers that staircases present. Most staircase injuries involve people slipping or tripping and falling on stairs, but there is also the risk of staircases collapsing. When a staircase collapses, it is usually the result of inadequate upkeep of the property on behalf of the property owner.

1137816_broken_staircase.jpgProperty owners have a duty to inspect the stairs on their premises regularly and repair any damages or deterioration. When property owners do not live up to their responsibilities, staircases can collapse and cause serious injuries, such as broken bones, internal organ injuries, head and neck trauma, spinal cord damage and even wrongful death.

Stair collapses are very grave events that can deliver severe and permanent injuries to those involved. Sadly, these collapses are often completely preventable as many staircase collapses are caused by various factors that can be recognized and repaired through routine maintenance. Nonetheless, many property owners or building managers choose to neglect stairwells just to save a little bit of time and money.

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