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CLEARWATER, FL – Clearwater Police believe a pickup truck driver was speeding and impaired when he collided with a semi-truck, leading to his passenger’s death on Sunday. 

WFLA said this collision happened before 1:45 a.m. on Gulf Boulevard. As the semi-truck driver put their truck in reserve to enter the Sheraton Sand Key Hotel driveway, that’s when the pickup truck driver hit the big rig and suddenly became trapped underneath.  

Fire Rescue then extricated the driver and passenger from the pickup truck as it got trapped under the tractor-trailer. 


DOVER, FL – First responders rushed a motorcyclist to a local hospital, where he succumbed to fatal wounds after he was struck by a driver who ran a red light Thursday. 

Florida Highway Patrol told WFLA that this collision happened before 1:45 p.m. They said the driver, operating a Hyundai Sonata, proceeded through eastbound FL-60 and then hit the motorcyclist riding a Harley Davidson as he was turning left at Dover Road. 

In Florida, if a crash investigation falls under the jurisdiction of the Florida Highway Patrol, then troopers do not publically announce the names of people who lose their lives to motor vehicle crashes. With that said, troopers who responded to Thursday’s collision will not release the victim’s name, as well as the driver’s name. However, they did identify the motorcyclist as a 42-year-old man from Dover and the driver as a 28-year-old man from Brandon. 


TAMPA, FL – A man succumbed to fatal wounds following a crash along Bruce B. Downs Boulevard near I-75 in the New Tampa area Tuesday, Fox 13 News revealed. 

Tampa Police, who responded to the scene after 9:15 p.m., declared the man deceased on site. They closed all of the northbound directions of Bruce Boulevard for their investigation and the scene clearance procedure. 

Police’s investigation is still in the early stages, so officers have not been able to provide more information concerning Tuesday’s wreck, nor have they released the name of the victim. 

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RIVERVIEW, FL – At least one person was injured in a crash at Boyette Road and Balm Riverview Road, north of Riverview High School, Wednesday. 

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene before 9 p.m. They have not shared the events leading up to this collision, specified the kind of people and vehicles involved, or said if the wounded individual needed to be taken to a hospital. 

Any new developments will be added to an updated new article as it becomes available. 


TAMPA, FL – At least one person suffered wounds in a collision that was said to have involved at least two vehicles under the I-4 overpass Sunday, Tampa Police revealed. 

WFLA said this collision happened before 3:15 a.m. on Columbus Drive. While the number of automobiles involved remains unconfirmed, footage from the Florida Department of Transportation showed that two vehicles were damaged. 

Tampa Police have not specified the events leading up to this crash or said if anyone needed to go to a hospital. 

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TAMPA, FL – First responders took a motorcyclist to a hospital after they were hit by a driver of a vehicle at North 22nd Street and East Chelsea Street Sunday. 

Police told ABC Action News that they arrived at the crash site after 6:30 p.m. and closed all lanes to accommodate the scene clearance and investigation process.

All lanes have reopened since. 


Last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 544, a bill that allows children in Florida to obtain free swimming lessons.
As per the law, the state Department of Health must create a network of providers of swimming lessons to take part in the swimming lesson voucher program.

Families earning up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level—that is, $60,000 for a family of four—will have their lesson fees paid for by the program.

Families must have one or more children who are four years of age or younger to qualify.

The law includes $500,000 to fund the voucher program.

The law, which was introduced on November 20, 2023, aims to improve water safety in Florida.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that two children under the age of 14 drown every day in the United States, accounting for an average of 4,000 annual deaths. Drowning ranks as the primary cause of death for kids between the ages of 1 and 4 and the second most common cause of mortality linked to unintentional injuries for kids between the ages of 1 and 14.

In 2023, 97 children in Florida drowned, according to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Children three years of age and under accounted for 74% of the fatalities.

Republican Sen. Travis Hutson of District 7 proposed the Swimming Lesson Voucher Program, which will go into effect on July 1, 2024.

Aquatic fun is a summer rite of passenger for children. While swimming is a fun sport for children, it is critical to prioritize safety to avoid accidents and provide a worry-free experience for everyone.

Supervision is a Must:
Never undervalue the need of an adult watching over a child while they swim. Assign the kids to a designated watcher whose only duty it is to supervise them, particularly in busy places or in naturally occurring bodies of water where currents might be erratic. Steer clear of distractions that could draw attention away from the beach or pool, such as being on your phone, engaging in conversation with others, or even having a drink with friends.

Take Swimming Lessons:
Think about signing up for swim lessons for your child based on their age. Swimming gives students the necessary water safety abilities in addition to boosting their confidence. With this new law in place providing free swim lessons, you can find trustworthy swim programs or instructors who have received child swim instructor certification. In an emergency, simple abilities like treading water or floating can make a big difference.

Secure Pool Areas:
If you have a pool at home, use proper barriers such fences with self-latching gates to prevent unauthorized entry. Consider attaching alarms to pool gates or surface motion sensors to notify you if someone enters the pool area without your knowledge. Maintain and examine pool equipment on a regular basis to make sure it is operating properly.

First Aid and CPR Training:
Arm yourself with these life-saving skills. Being able to perform CPR or provide basic first aid in an emergency can save lives. First aid and CPR courses are provided by numerous community organizations; some are designed especially for parents and other caregivers of small children.

Establish Pool Rules:
If you have a pool at home, set explicit and non-negotiable safety guidelines. Stress how dangerous it is to dive into shallow water, run around the pool, or swim unsupervised. Educate your child about pool risks such as drains and filters, and make sure they understand the importance of always following your pool rules.

Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear:
Purchase the proper safety equipment, such as floaties or life jackets, especially for younger kids or inexperienced swimmers. Make sure life jackets are approved by the US Coast Guard and fit correctly. Remember that these devices are not a substitute for supervision, and children should still be constantly observed while wearing them.

Swimming is a great way for kids to burn off some of their never-ending energy, but their safety should always come first. Implementing these suggestions and establishing a culture of water safety awareness will allow you to enjoy a stress-free and happy swimming experience with your child, knowing that you have taken the essential precautions to keep them safe. Continue reading



CLEARWATER BEACH, FL – One person sustained serious wounds in a water-related accident along Opal Sands Resort Friday, WFLA

First responders rescued the person from the water around 7 p.m. and then took them to a hospital, where they are recovering. 

Clearwater Police did not specify if this was a boat collision, a drowning-related incident, or some other accident. Any new developments that are confirmed will be included in an updated news article. 


TARPON SPRINGS, FL – A 63-year-old man driving a Jaguar SUV struck a 75-year-old woman riding a bicycle, leading the cyclist to die from her injuries Tuesday. 

According to FOX 13 News, the cyclist was pursuing a left turn on Bryan Lane, along Cypress Lakes Boulevard, in front of the driver. As a result, the car made contact with the bicycle, and the woman fell off. 

The woman succumbed to fatal wounds at the scene, Florida Highway Patrol said. At this time, troopers did not mention any pending citations or charges filed against the driver from Palm Harbor or revealed if he sustained injuries. 


SARASOTA, FL – A 71-year-old adult died, and several were injured following a multi-vehicle wreck caused by a driver who ran a red light Tuesday. 

Florida Highway Patrol told My SunCoast that the collision happened at U.S. 301 and Northgate Boulevard. After the driver ran a red light, their car overturned after colliding with three vehicles that stopped at the red light and then rear-ended one of the automobiles. 

The passenger inside the overturned vehicle, a 71-year-old adult, died at the scene. FHP does not publicly identify the names of those killed in motor vehicle collisions but was able to confirm that the occupant was from Bradenton. 

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