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One of the main complaints from drivers in Tampa Bay this time of year is that traffic is getting worse as the weather gets warmer and more people appear to be out and about.

It is especially brutal around spring break, and some days in Tampa Bay feel like rush hour never ends.

Officials from the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) report that in comparison to the same period last year, there were 300,000 more toll transactions on the Selmon Expressway in January and February.

These numbers do not even reflect the busier months of March and April.

THEA officials claim that the volume of traffic has not only changed, but the times of traffic have changed, too.

Events in downtown Tampa are bringing higher volumes of traffic later in the evenings. Seasonal residents are also back in town as well as tourists, which also add more drivers to the roads.

Officials say traffic patterns on the Selmon Expressway can be similarly seen throughout the Bay Area, from U.S. 19 in Pinellas County to Interstate 4 in east Polk County.

THEA does have projects underway to help alleviate some of this congestion. The goal is to get to the point where traffic does not fall below 40-50 mph even with more drivers on the road.

With the weather heating up and vacations in full swing, Tampa is a hot spot for fun events and tourists alike. People are out and about more than usual, which means more cars on the roads (more traffic). Do not let your good times be ruined by a car accident. Here are some tips for navigating heavy traffic:

  • Give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Try and plan to avoid busy times, if possible. Make sure you allot for extra time in case you do encounter traffic – many people get frustrated and rush when they do not have enough time, which can lead to reckless driving. If you can relax and take your time, then you will be less likely to make risky driving maneuvers that could land you in an accident.
  • Pay close attention to your surroundings. Make sure you have enough distance in front of you to avoid needing to apply the brakes quickly when you encounter traffic. If traffic suddenly stops, you run a lower risk of getting into a fender-bender if you maintain enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
    Steer clear of distractions when driving. Set your station or playlist before you go, or have your passenger operate the radio on your behalf. Avoid using a hands-free headset when you know you will be in traffic, and never text while driving (it is against the law).
  • Keep your cool. Understand that everyone gets caught in traffic and that you have no influence over the situation. Try not to rush things or lose your cool; doing so will probably lead to careless driving. Always remember that reaching your destination safely is more essential than getting there on time.
  • Exit the highway if your anxiety is high. Stressed-out, nervous, or aggressive drivers can become distracted and pose a danger to themselves and other drivers. You can take the next exit, travel backroads, or just pullover to a safe and secure location until you can regain your composure.


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