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Unfortunately, children are not only at risk for suffering a severe injury or death when out in the roadway or travelling as a passenger in a car, truck, SUV or other vehicle. Every year, numerous children are involved in back-over accidents and are even run over at their own home. Sadly, this type of crash recently resulted in the death of a Sarasota toddler.

Last week, a Sarasota toddler was killed after officials say she was run over by a car driven by her mother in Nokomis.

Reports indicate that the 20-month-old girl was run over around 5 p.m. in the 1000 block of Tarpon Court.

Deputies claim the couple at the home had just finished repairing their Honda Passport SUV, when the mother got inside the vehicle and pulled it forward.

toddler behind SUV

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The mother claims she had last seen her 20-month-old daughter playing with bubbles on the porch, but the child apparently toddled into the driveway and was run over by the vehicle.

Deputies arrived on scene with the North Port Fire Department and made an effort to resuscitate the child.

The Sarasota County Fire Department transported the toddler to Venice Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Driveway back over accidents, while quite tragic, are especially common in toddlers and young children that are not easily spotted when close to the back of a vehicle. These types of accidents also regularly occur in suburban areas where kids are frequently found playing in the street, riding bikes and wandering in the driveways of neighboring homes. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every week two children are killed by vehicles moving in reverse.

While it seems that this crash was an accident and certainly not an intentional act by the child’s mother, kids are involved in fatal car crashes all the time. These accidents are only intensified when the child is injured or killed by a vehicle in his or her own home. Driveways and parking lots are very dangerous and are the most common environments for child back over accidents. Sadly, even if vehicles are entering or exiting a driveway or parking lot at slow speeds, they can still deliver devastating injuries to a young child or toddler.

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