News: Deputies hospitalized after driver causes intentional crash 


BRANDON, FL – Two Hillsborough County deputies were sent to the hospital after they were intentionally struck by a driver Thursday.  

FOX 13 News said the officials were run over while responding to a mental health crisis call. Footage showed Deputy Manuel Santos and Corporal Carlos Brito attempting to get out of the way. Their attempt was unsuccessful, and both were pinned inside or under the vehicle. 

Other first responders left the crash site (which was unspecified) and transported the deputies to Tampa General Hospital. Brito may have to get his leg amputated, and Santos will have to have surgery for a serious leg injury. 

Body camera footage showed the driver —- 28-year-old Ralph Bouzy — getting tased to the ground. He was arrested “and charged with three counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.” 

History also indicated that Bouzy was arrested five times prior to this intentional act. 

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