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The Gulf Islands Ferry, which links Bradenton Riverwalk to Anna Maria City Pier, has officially set sail as of Sunday.

Passengers will be transported by ferry to Anna Maria City Pier from the day dock near the River Dance apartments on the Bradenton Riverwalk. According to a spokesperson for the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the service will also make a stop at the Bridge Street pier in Bradenton Beach in the coming weeks.

Local businesses on the island are hoping that they will be able to recruit new employees who live off the island as the ferry could be a way for staff to commute to work.

The ferry could also relieve some of the traffic on the island.

Currently, the ferry allows large luggage and coolers, but no bicycles.

This new ferry has been in the works for about 15 years, so it is an exciting mode of transportation for Manatee County. Our Tampa Bay Area Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton want everyone to stay safe when travelling by ferry, so here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Before You Board

  • Check that your car is locked and that valuables are hidden.
  • Make sure you have enough time to board before your departure.
  • Avoid climbing over railings or other obstacles.
  • Do not get on the ferry while using a skateboard or rollerblades.
  • Avoid touching, moving, or modifying ramps or walkways.
  • Stay in well-lit places and within sight of arriving vessels at night.
  • Children should not play on the dock.

While on the Ferry

  • Keep bags out of the way and request assistance with storing bulky items.
  • Take note of the locations of the exits and lifejackets.
  • Do not hang your head out the window.
  • Avoid standing on top of seats.
  • Children should not be seated on your shoulders or railings.
  • Never sit on the bow or on the edge of the ferry as you do not want to accidentally fall in the water.
  • Maintain your seat, as ferries are prone to unexpected fluctuations in the water.
  • Follow the instructions of your crew.

Injured on a Ferry? We Can Help

Our Tampa Bay Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can help you if you have suffered an injury while traveling via ferry. We can help you determine if you have a compensable claim. Your consultation with us is always free. Call us today at 813-221-3200 or contact us online for a free consultation.


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