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Hillsborough County drivers may have noticed some new green pavement markers recently installed on the roads.
These are a part of the county’s new bike boxes, which improve cyclists’ visibility to motorists and allow them to cross busy intersections safely.

Bicycle boxes differ from ordinary bike lanes in that they allow cyclists to pass in front of stopped automobiles at intersections. This increases their visibility to cars.
The county installed bike boxes at two Citrus Park Drive intersections: Sheldon Road and Countryway Boulevard.

Research from the county suggests that bike boxes can reduce crashes between bicyclists and automobiles by about 50%. The boxes are also approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

Bike by Peeyoosh Bajracharya from Getty Images Drivers should look out for green markings when stopped at an intersection. If you see green, you should look for cyclists and pedestrians.

The county plans to install more of these bike boxes at intersections.

What Is a Bike Box?

The Bike Box is a green, rectangular zone that is located between the crosswalk and stopped traffic at an intersection with signals. To increase their visibility before the light turns green, bikers are supposed to line up ahead of car traffic.
The intersection’s width, or “Bike Box,” is painted in the same shade of green as the bike lanes. Multiple bicycles can fit in each traffic lane, and the box is stenciled with a white bicycle emblem.

When the red light behind the bike box turns green, drivers are encouraged to stop, wait, and proceed safely behind the bikers.

What Are Some Benefits of Bike Boxes?

  • Enhanced awareness of cyclists
  • Decreased the number of accidents involving cars making right turns at intersections
  • Increases the safety of cyclists making a left turn at intersections
  • Group riding allows cyclists to get through intersections faster and cause less wait times for other vehicles
  • Having fewer cars in the crossing is advantageous for pedestrians

There are always safety risks for cyclists when sharing the roadways with automobiles, so bike boxes are a welcome safety addition to the infrastructure of Hillsborough County. If you or a loved one has been injured while biking in Tampa, our Hillsborough County Bicycle Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton can offer you a FREE consultation. Call us now at 813-221-3200 or contact us online.

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