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To keep pedestrians safe, the Largo Police Department is increasing its patrols to reduce collisions with bicyclists and pedestrians.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Largo Police Department are collaborating on a high-visibility initiative aimed at enhancing pedestrian and bike safety within the city. The campaign runs through May.

With that said, Largo PD will be stopping those who are not following laws, like crosswalk violations, jaywalking, failure to yield, and bike light infractions.

Officers typically use these stops as teaching opportunities, passing out safety supplies like bike lights or pamphlets with information for pedestrians. Repeat violators can receive a ticket.

The goal of this initiative is pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

So far in 2024, preliminary data from FLHSMV has shown that Pinellas County saw 174 total bicycle crashes, resulting in 1 fatality and 105 pedestrian accidents, resulting in five deaths. Data from 2023 shows 8,394 bicycle accidents, resulting in 224 fatalities. Pedestrian crashes in Pinellas County for 2023 reached 10,278, resulting in 779 fatalities.

How Can I Steer Clear of a Pedestrian Accident in Pinellas County?

Even though you cannot control what other people do, there are a few things you can do to lessen the likelihood that you will be involved in a pedestrian collision.
As a pedestrian, you can prevent being struck by a car by taking the following precautions:

  • Use the crosswalks that are designed for that purpose.
  • Keep an eye out for moving vehicles, including ones that are turning left or right.
  • Only cross at stoplight intersections when a walk signal is shown.
  • When crossing the street, be defensive and assume that the motorist does not see you.
  • Try to make eye contact with the driver so you can be sure they see you.
  • Never cross midblock, especially on busy city streets or roadways with many lanes
  • When sidewalks are available, use them.
  • Remain alert – keep your eyes on what is happening in front of you, and not on your phone.
  • Use only one earbud at a time so that you can still hear what is going on around you.
  • Do not try to beat traffic. You are cutting it too close if you feel like you must jog to get yourself to safety.
  • At night, wear bright, fluorescent apparel.
  • Keep an eye out for vehicles backing up in parking lots or entering or exiting parking garages or driveways.

What Are the Next Steps After a Pedestrian Accident in Pinellas County?

Knowing what to do after being hit by a car while on foot is critical for protecting your rights and legal options if you are seriously hurt.

  • Get police to the scene so that they can document everything and file a report.
  • Gather witness information on the spot.
  • Record and capture images of the accident scene.
  • Gather as much of your own information as you can, such as names, police records, and other documents.
  • Get medical help right away. Even if you think you are fine, have a doctor check out your injuries.
  • Speak with our Pinellas County Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at Whittel & Melton. It is best to consult with us first before you speak with an insurance provider.

For clients and families dealing with the tragedy of a major or deadly accident, our Pinellas County pedestrian accident lawyers have a demonstrated history of success in pursuing personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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