Allegiant Air Forced To Make 77 Unexpected Landings


According to reports, Allegiant Air’s planes are four times as likely to break down in flight as those operated by other major U.S. airlines.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Wednesday that Allegiant jets were forced to make unexpected landings at least 77 times in 2015 for serious mechanical failures.

None of the incidents prompted enforcement action from the Federal Aviation Administration, which doesn’t compare airline breakdown records to look for warning signs.

Times reporters built a database of more than 65,000 records from the FAA.

The newspaper reports that during interviews at the company’s Las Vegas headquarters, Allegiant acknowledged that its planes break down too often and said the company is changing the way it operates.

In situations where an airline has received ongoing criticism for equipment failures, a serious risk is posed to all passengers. While it does not appear anyone was harmed in these unexpected landings, it is important to note that it is very possible to suffer serious injuries in rough landings.

In the case of equipment/mechanical failures on a plane, the airline is liable for any injuries that may have occurred in an airplane accident.

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