8 Injured at Hard Rock in Tampa after Temporary Wall Falls Over


According to authorities, eight people were injured at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Friday night when a construction wall gave way.

Three of those injured were transported to area hospitals for treatment, according to Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. One man apparently suffered a broken arm when the wall fell around 11 p.m.

Crews had bolstered up a 12- to 15-foot high temporary wall to separate an open section of the casino area from a high-limit slot room that is currently under construction. In between was a walkway.

The wall fell down striking some people on the walkway.

11519345363_005f3087e8_mA witness told authorities that the accident sounded like ice falling and that the wall crumbled a bit when it fell.

It is unclear at this time what caused the wall to come down.

The hotel and casino, located in East Tampa, is still open for business.

Hotels and casinos can be quite unique, fun-filled places. But they can also be crowded, boisterous and as this case shows, potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries in hotels and casinos happen on a regular basis due to many different causes.

If you or a loved one was injured at a hotel or casino due to negligence or carelessness, you have legal rights. You may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. In order to determine whether you have a case, you need to speak with an injury attorney as soon as possible.

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